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Publications and Presentations
Dr. Root has published more than 100 journal articles and technical reports, and presented at a number of scientific conferences.

Below are selected publications and presentations on the topics of laser interactions and plasma discharges.

1. R.G. Root, "Laser Interaction: Thermal and Mechanical Coupling to Targets," Invited paper presented at 3rd International Symposium on Gas Flow and Chemical Lasers, Marseille, France, Sept. 8-12, 1980. Published in Journal de Physique, Vol. 41, Colloque C-9, supplement 11, November 1980, pp. 59-73.
2. R.G. Root, "Laser-Material Surface Interactions," Invited paper at DNA/AIAA Lethality and Target Hardening Symposium, Naval Post Graduate School, Monterey, California, Aug. 7, 1990.
3. R.G. Root, "Modeling of Post-Breakdown Phenomena," in Laser-Induced Plasmas and Applications, Eds. L.J. Radziemski and D.A. Cremers, Marcel Dekker, (Marcel Dekker, New York, 1989).
4. R.G. Root and A.N. Pirri, "Theoretical Modeling of Laser Damage Mechanisms (U)," J. Defense Research 1985, CONFIDENTIAL. Awarded Honorable Mention in the Journal of Defense Research Awards of 1985.
5. R.G. Root, O.C. Hofer, R.F. Adamowicz, F.P. Gibson and J.R. Jones, "MOLADS Target Response Modeling Analysis," Aug. 29, 1986, SPARTA, Inc.
6. R.G. Root, J.R. Jones and O.C. Hofer, "Neutralization of Very Large Munitions," SPARTA, Inc., LTR-92, Aug. 6, 1992.
7. R.G. Root, "Laser Vulnerability of Short Range Rocket Warhead," Prism Science Works Incorporated, PR95-005, May 5, 1995.
8. R. G. Root and C. T. Walters, "Laser Interaction Phenomenology for Neutralizing Munitions," Prism Science Works Incorporated, PR99-006, Sept. 29, 1999.
9. R.G. Root, "Pulsed Broadband Incoherent Illumination for High-Speed and Ultrahigh-Speed Imaging," 26th International Congress on High-Speed Photography and Photonics," Alexandria, Virginia, Sept. 19-24, 2004. Proceedings of SPIE 5580, 270 (2004).
10. R.G. Root, "Intense Broadband Illumination for Ultrahigh-Speed Photography," 25th International Congress on High-Speed Photography and Photonics," Beaune, France, Sept. 29-Oct. 4, 2002. Proceedings of SPIE, 4948, 129 (2002).
11. R.G. Root, et al., "MegaSun Illumination for Ultrahigh-Speed Photography," Proceedings of SPIE, 4308, 28 (2001).
12. R.G. Root and P. Falkos, "Repetitively Pulsed Plasma Illumination Source Improvements," Proceedings of SPIE, 3642, 104 (1999).