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  Dr. Robert Root, President and Founder
Dr. Robert Root is the man behind Prism Science Works. Since starting his professional career in 1973, Dr. Root has been motivated by the thrill of exploring new applications for a variety of technologies—particularly laser interactions and plasma discharges.

A recognized expert in laser interactions, Dr. Root has contributed regularly to this field as a scientist, author and speaker. He first studied laser-supported plasmas, including plasma propulsion, and developed definitive models of

enhanced thermal coupling mediated by plasma. Later, he examined the interaction of a wide variety of laser wavelengths and waveforms with metals, composites and ceramics.

Since the mid-1980s, he has examined laser neutralization of explosives and developed state-of-the-art models of this process.

Other Career Highlights
1983-1992: SPARTA, Inc. (Lexington, Mass.)
· Chief Scientist of the Electro-Optical Systems Operation; oversaw programs in directed energy interactions with materials, including their application to laser weapon lethality, hardening materials and material processing.
· Director of the Applied Physics Group; applied detailed physical modeling to technical problems in the military and industrial sectors.
1975-1983: Physical Sciences Inc. (Andover, Mass.)
· Manager of Laser Technology; responsible for the technical and programmatical performance of laser technology programs, which covered such diverse topics as theoretical and experimental research in laser interaction with materials.
· Also developed many models of high-energy laser interaction phenomenology.
1973-1975: MIT, Center for Theoretical Physics (Cambridge, Mass.)
· Research Associate; investigated spontaneous symmetry breaking in quantum field theories.
Ph.D. and M.S. in physics, the University of Illinois, Urbana
B.Sc.(Hons.) in physics, the University of Manitoba, Winnipeg