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Welcome to Prism Science Works Incorporated. Led by founder and president Dr. Robert Root, we are a small research-and-development firm specializing in the physical sciences.

Our premier product, the MegaSun, provides extremely intense broadband illumination for ultrahigh-speed imaging. Our newest product is SPOT, a 500 ns flash built to be the best friend of ballistic researchers and recreational or professional photographers seeking high resolution, single frame images of ultra high-speed phenomena. In addition, we are developing new products to meet a variety of other illumination needs.

We invite you to learn more about:
> the science behind the MegaSun
> fun with SPOT
> how our clients in the military, the government and research labs are using the MegaSun in exciting ways
> our availability for custom research involving lasers or plasmas

Plus, play a role in shaping our future offerings by telling us how we could adapt our products to satisfy your specific requirements.


Meeting Demanding Illumination Needs
Capturing synchroballistic images of a projectile in flight: It's possible with the MegaSun from Prism Science Works. Learn how our clients are putting the MegaSun to use.
> Sample Uses
Wanted: Your Feedback
How should we customize some of our products under development? Here's your chance to weigh in.
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