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SPOT: 500 ns Flash
Doc Edgerton developed the EG&G 549 Microflash to capture his famous pictures of bullets striking apples and playing cards. Many laboratories have used these systems as a cost-effective method of creating high resolution, single frame images of ultra high-speed phenomena. Since the original microflash systems are aging, we have created SPOT, a 500 ns flash, with similar input and output options to replace aging 549 systems.

With its short duration flash, SPOT will be any ballistic researcherís best friend. And with its compact size and simplicity, any photographer can use the system to learn about high speed photography and to capture startling images of high speed events such as balloon bursts, droplet splashes, and crack propagation.

To purchase, call or e-mail for a quote on any system we build.

Interested in renting a system? Please contact us for rates.

Read on to learn more about SPOT and ultra high-speed images.
> Specifications
> Ballistic Photo Gallery
> Fun with SPOT Gallery

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