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Other Services
In addition to our recent successes in developing light sources, Prism Science Works has a long history of leadership in the research of laser and plasma technologies. Now, we are available on a contract basis to help you address your technical challenges.

Do you need support performing general multidisciplinary research on sensors, space survivability or system vulnerability to lasers? We are experienced in all of these areas and in the research of:
> remote destruction of unexploded munitions, including
   artillery projectiles, low yield events, and dirt removal
> laser/material interactions
> laser applications
> test design and diagnostic requirements

Meanwhile, our research experience in plasma technologies and plasma radiation sources spans wavelengths from the infrared to the deep ultraviolet. We can help you meet your specific requirements for a new light source, whether you want to modify a Prism system or have an entirely new lighting challenge, such as radiation sources for:
> surface modification
> decontamination
> curing
> inspection

  Fig. 1: A neutralized munition.