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About Prism
At Prism Science Works, our goal is to provide cost-effective research in the physical sciences, including plasma technologies, laser applications, laser interactions, optics and photonics.

Dr. Robert Root, who founded Prism in 1992, provides experienced research leadership and management. We also draw on a pool of capable young talent from Boston-area universities and research facilities—all a short distance from our headquarters in Andover, Mass.

Our facilities feature the equipment and space to handle all our R&D requirements. Under Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) sponsorship, we have designed and developed highly specialized products that provide lighting for high-speed photography and imaging. Our flagship product in this area is the MegaSun. Joining it in our growing product line is SPOT, a 500 ns flash.

In 2000, we received the prestigious SPIE Edgerton Award for our MegaSun technology. The citation, from the International Society for Optical Engineering, observed that the MegaSun "dramatically increased safety and quality of lighting in the high-speed photography of detonation and explosive events" and "brings full circle 'the strobe' as the tool for lighting in ultrahigh-speed photography."

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