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SPOT: Specifications
Housed in a 6.7" H 6.7 H 8" enclosure (Fig 1), and weighing in at 10 lbs, SPOT is a compact submicrosecond flash system operating from 120 VAC power. Three trigger inputs are included:
· Manual — push button
· Switch closure — " phone jack
· Pulse (e.g. TTL) — BNC

The stored energy of approximately 8 J is released in a short flash of less than 500 ns. Fig. 2 illustrates FWHM and FW1/3M times for full visible spectrum and for 520 nm line filter. The light collected by a 6" fresnel lens forms a relatively uniform "spot, " Fig. 3. The peak intensity of 69 million lumens delivers a pulse having 28.5 beam candlepower-seconds. At 40" from SPOT, the beam diameter is nominally 20" to 24"; however, beam spreads from 14" to 40" can selected during manufacture. A typical camera setting is f/5.6 to f/8 at 200 ASA for objects illuminated from 3 feet.

The design can be adapted to create different output characteristics for specific applications, such as a 2.7 J pulse with 200 ns FWHM for extremely fast motion, or point sources for shadowgraphs or schlieren images.

  Fig. 1: The SPOT Flash.
  Fig. 2: Temporal Pulse Shape.
            Click here to view full image
  Fig. 3: Illumination Region at 40".