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Features and Benefits
The MegaSun system is ideal for a variety of applications involving ultrahigh-speed photography and imaging. The table below highlights its key features and benefits.

> Produces up to 15 MW of visible light.
> For typical ultrahigh-speed imaging setup, irradiance is 5 kW/cm² (~10 gigalux) of visible light.
  > Can replace argon candles.
  > Is much more intense than commercial flashlamps.
> Number and configuration of lamps can be adjusted to obtain optimal lighting.
  > Provides illumination from different angles, thus reproducing color and eliminating shadows.
  > Allows you to adapt your lighting system to the needs of your experimentórather than the other way around.
> Unlike argon candles, lamps can be reused for dozens of shots if not destroyed by explosive test.
  > Allows you to perform setup shots to check lighting and exposure.
> Unlike argon candles, lamps do not have an explosive charge.
  > Creates no environmental waste.
  > Does not damage your experiment, thus reducing costs and speeding up turn-around time.
  > Makes no contribution toward limits on explosives.
> System is solid—comes housed in a robust cabinet.
  > Survives rigors of adverse test environments (e.g., shock waves from explosions).
  > Can be used tens of thousands of times.
> System is not "off the shelf"; each is designed to meet your specific needs.
  > Allows you to choose PFN to match your time requirements (from 30 µs to 1 ms).
  > Can include specialized safety requirements unique to your range.