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Sample Uses: Nevada Test Site
The Nevada Test Site serves as a massive outdoor laboratory and experiment center. The site, which hosts activities such as hazardous chemical spill testing, emergency response training and conventional weapons testing, includes the U1a Experimental Facility and Big Explosives Experimental Facility (BEEF).

A pair of 10 kJ, 65 µs MegaSun systems have been used to conduct more than 1500 tests (mostly dry runs) in preparation for, and performance of, a successful underground test of material response to shock waves. The underground tests require special two-inch diameter lamps to fit in the tightly constrained test area.

Many of the tests have used lamps arranged to provide two simultaneous views of the same event. Example aboveground tests include two views (each shows selected photos from a sequence):
Fig. 1: Front view, illuminated by one of three lamps, of material response to shock loading.
Fig. 2: Shadowgraph, using two remaining lamps of three-lamp sequence, of material response.

Another example aboveground test (not pictured) provides two views that are separated slightly in place and time: Two lamps illuminate an exploding shaped charge filmed with two Cordin 126 cameras in tandem to provide a record at 2 million fps. The other two lamps illuminate the jet, which is filmed with a continuous-access Cordin 140 camera at 1 million fps.

Other Sample Uses
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  Fig. 1: Material response, 1 million fps, front view. (Courtesy of Dr. M. Doman.)
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  Fig. 2: Material response, 1 million fps, side view. (Courtesy of Dr. M. Doman.)
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