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Sample Uses: Eglin Air Force Base
Eglin Air Force Base (AFB), one of the largest air force bases in the world, is home to the Air Force Research Laboratory Munitions Directorate.

For these photos, Eglin AFB used two MegaSun systems to capture different parts of an event separated by 1015 feet and a few milliseconds.

Fig. 1: These photos, which are selected from a sequence taken with a Cordin 330A camera at 1 million fps, show an example of the deformation of material. The high-intensity, short-pulse 65 µs MegaSun system illuminates the item.
Fig. 2: The longer-pulse, 200 µs MegaSun system allows the Cordin 132 streak camera to capture synchroballistic images of a projectile in flight.

Other applications (not pictured) include:
>the rate stick test for wave curvature
>a long (30-inch) item illuminated with three lamps in a line

Other Sample Uses
> Nevada Test Site
> Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
> Los Alamos National Laboratory

  Fig. 1: Material deformation, 1 million fps. (Courtesy of Dr. D. Lambert.)
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  Fig. 2: Projectile in flight. (Courtesy of Dr. D. Lambert.)