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Flash Bulb Replacement
The longest pulse length provided by the standard MegaSun system is 1 ms. Flash bulbs with a 15 ms duration at half intensity are often ganged together to provide illumination for applications using high-speed cameras operating near 10,000 fps.

An adaptation of the MegaSun employs an alternative initiation scheme capable of creating a discharge in two lamps at 2 kV. Pulse durations as long as 5 ms have been demonstrated, limited only by the capacitance available using the high-voltage capacitors from MegaSun systems.

Scaling the pulse length up to 30 to 50 ms or even longer is feasible with larger, low-voltage capacitors. However, the size and cost of the system would depend upon the intensity and area coverage required.

Please let us know: What are your "typical" requirements of such a system (e.g., pulse duration or illumination area)? Would the repetitively pulsed system described elsewhere in this section be more desirable?

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