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A repetitively pulsed system, designed to meet a highly specialized set of test requirements for the U.S. Air Force, was demonstrated at repetition rates of 2 kHz for full energy and 3 kHz at reduced energy. The system provided relatively short pulses (a few microseconds) that could freeze rapid motion.

The accompanying pictures contrast two images of a rapidly rotating disk taken at 1000 fps. The first uses illumination from 1600 W of halogen lighting (Fig. 1), the second from a demo strobe lamp operating at 360 W (Fig. 2). These images reveal the strobe's ability to stop motion and provide more energy-efficient illumination.

We designed the original system using two synchronized lamps to reduce shadowing. It provided wide-angle illumination over 20 square feet (for f/4 400 ASA imaging). The compact demonstration system was capable of operating in adverse environments using 120 VAC power and up to 8000 pulses in a burst.

Changes in the Air Force's test approach eliminated the need for this unique source with its unusual characteristics (such as extremely wide-angle output), so we are now reviewing more general test needs before settling on the parameters of a product.

One suggestion is a system operating at least 1000 fps (1 kHz) for 10002000 frames with enough light to expose 100 square feet and an approximately 50-degree beam spread (full angle).

Please let us know: What are your specific needs in high-repetition-rate imaging, including framing rate, area coverage, beam spread and maximum exposure time?

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  Fig. 1: Rotating disk, halogen lighting (1600 W).
  Fig. 2: Rotating disk, strobe lighting (360 W).