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Mini MegaSun
By virtue of the testing requirements for explosives, the MegaSun has many features that are superfluous for laboratory testing in benign environments.

For example, the MegaSun has a rugged 300-lb. cabinet to withstand shockwaves and a 150-foot large-output cable to ensure the power source is sufficiently separated from the explosive event. Neither of these items is needed for most laboratory testing.

Without the large-output cable, the pulse rise time is reduced so that the discharge generates a shorter, more intense burst of light. Additionally, many laboratory tests may not require the "long" (65 µs) pulse often used in range tests; reducing the pulse time results in a much smaller pulse-forming network.

Eliminating unnecessary features of the full MegaSun system will result in a more compact, less expensive system that we call the Mini MegaSun.

Please let us know: Would you have a need for this smaller system? For your applications, which features could be simplified (e.g., pulse duration or illumination area) or eliminated?

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