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Integrated Digital Camera/Multiflash Light Source
Candidate lamps for high-repetition-rate systems have often been evaluated with a single-frame digital camera to test for exposure and lighting uniformity. A simple trigger module that incorporates a delay synchronizes the flash with the camera shutter (typically 1/125 s).

To test the ability to freeze motion, multiflash pictures at 1000 fps have also been taken, as illustrated by the picture of a rat trap in operation (Fig. 1). For the limited number of pulses in a typical multiflash picture, even faster repetition rates are feasible.

With the reduced energy requirements for the limited number of pulses, a compact system can be integrated with commercial single-frame digital cameras and an adjustable trigger/pulse generator to provide a user-friendly multiflash system.

Please let us know: Would you have a need for an integrated system such as this? Would you prefer a simple, inexpensive camera, which would have to trigger the event, or a more expensive camera capable of responding quickly to an external signal?

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  Fig. 1: Rat trap in operation.